Watch/Listen To Talks

Below are a small sample of some of Pastor Scott’s talks for you to listen to or watch.

Some were given to our church and some were given to churches that we have relationship with.



Pathway Church, Redwood City, CA (AUDIO)

 (NOTE: Click to the titles to listen to the audio.)

“The Realization That Gives You True Power And Freedom”

Are You An “Atheist Christian”?

The Overlooked Rewards And Benefits Of Adversity

Amazing Grace (Series)

 The Three Christmas Lessons (Series)


National Community Church, Washington, DC (VIDEO)

Click to the title below to watch the video on N.C.C.’s site. (NOTE: It will open a new window.)

“The Requirement For God To Do Amazing Things In Your Life”


Tapestry Church, Redwood City, CA (VIDEO)

 “Enoch’s Secret”

(NOTE: Click the play button on the screen below to watch this talk. I begin my talk at about 2:55 minutes, if you want to grab the slider and fast-forward past the introductory remarks.)


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