The Three Christmas Lessons Series

What we can perceive as humans is pretty amazing. 

We can HEAR on average from 20 to 20,000 Hz, although there can be a big variation on this between individuals.

Experts estimate that we can SEE and distinguish as many as 10 million colors.

But for all the amazing things we can perceive there are many things, both BIG and SMALL, that we miss. (There is a LITERAL blind-spot in our eyes.)

One of the most important things we miss is God. We can easily miss his PRESENCE and his WORK, even though it’s right under our nose.

For three Sundays, we’ll look at three important lessons from the Biblical Christmas story that can help us not to miss God working in our lives.

And more importantly, it will give us more confidence in the fact that He IS working in our lives.

1st Lesson: Look 

2nd Lesson: Listen

 3rd Lesson: Trust