How To Give To Pathway With EasyTithe

Watch this 3:40 video to learn about giving to Pathway with EasyTithe…

(*It’s best to watch “Full Screen” version.)

Quick Explanation

Please click the link below to give to Pathway through our secure giving system.

When you arrive on our giving page you can choose:

  • To create an account (default setting)
  • Or you can choose “Quick Give” (second option on the left side-bar)

Some Reasons Why You Might Want To Set Up An Account

  • If you are going to give more than once it will make it easier to give.
  • It will allow you to automate some of your giving if you would like to.
  • It will allow you to track your giving.
  • You will need an account to use the giving app

Click Here to Give Using Your Mobile Device

*When you’re taken there you’ll have the option to log-in, if you have an account.
If you don’t want to create an account click the “Quick Give” link.

**Once you are on the giving page, they can add a bookmark (mobile icon) to their list of apps.
This way you can easily access your giving page from their phones.

Click Here to Give Online Via EasyTithe From Your Laptop


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