First Time Guests

First Time Guests FAQs

What time should I come?

We meet from 4:30pm-6pm.

Where do you meet?

We meet at the Tapestry Church location.

Do you have childcare?

Yes! We currently have childcare for infants through kids age 11.

We also have a youth group that meets usually on every other Sunday for Jr. Highers and High Schoolers.

How should I dress?

Casual is fine. Most people dress in jeans, shorts, etc.. If you feel like dressing up that’s cool too. However you feel comfortable is best.

How is your church different?

We believe that the church is not a service you go to. It’s not a place you go to. The church is the people.

In reality, you can’t do church or go to church. You can only be the church.

We do not want to be just a group of strangers who sit together on Sundays. We’re a group of friends who want to be the church, not just go to church.

We want to be a diverse group of friends who are united in purpose and love. We believe that success in life only comes when you walk with God and others on the journey of life.

What have people said about your church who have visited it?

If you’d like to watch videos from the Moreno family and hear their experience with our church, then click here. (*This link opens a new window.)

If you’d like to see Yelp reviews about Pathway, then you can see them here. (*This link opens a new window.)

What is a typical Sunday like?

We start with a “Refreshment Time”, then we come together for a 20-25 minute worship time. The music is upbeat and contemporary. It’s a time where you can focus on God and worship him. (You are free to just observe if this is all new to you.)

We then will have a few announcements and receive any tithes or offerings. (This is ONLY for regular “Pathwayers” as a way to continue in worship to God. Guests are encouraged to NOT give.)

We will then normally have a sermon that is 30-40 minutes in length. The sermons are given in a conversational way and are presented to give you practical, action-steps from God’s word.

What’s your church’s story?

Our first public gathering was January 23, 2005. If you want to be on the ground floor of something different on the Peninsula, then come check us out!

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