Are You A “Christian Atheist”?

This talk is called “Are You A Christian Atheist?”

The term “Atheist Christian” is actually the title of a book by Craig Groeschel.

It’s all about the phenomenon experienced by many Christians who believe in God, but don’t always live like they do.

(DISCLAIMER: It’s a common HUMAN problem where people say they believe something is important, but their lives reveal different priorities. An example is that most people would say they believe in being generous to the poor, but when you look at their calendars and checkbooks – their time and money- they reveal different priorities.)

The purpose of my talk is NOT to make anyone feel bad.

It is to help us fix this problem, so we can live out what we believe in more ways. If you’re local and don’t have a church you’re a part of, then think about coming to be with us!


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