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“The Two Things You Must Have To Reach Your Full Potential”


1. You have to have a connection to God.

If you’re connected to others, but not God then you can’t reach your full potential.

Jesus said, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a person remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

Since God is the author of your life and the creator of this world, connecting with him is essential. Believing he exists is great. But you have to have more than that!

Knowing About Vs. Knowing God wants you to know him, not just know about him. In fact, knowing God is the purpose of life! You were given life, because God wanted to give you the chance and the choice to choose to KNOW him.

Religion or Relationship Let me ask you this question… What are you looking for in your interactions with your friends and family? Ritual or Relationship?

God isn’t interested in religion. He wants a relationship with you. Religion, in and of itself, has no benefit. Connection = relationship. We describe it as walking with God.

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NO GATHERINGS ON 01/07/18 – 02/25/18

Note: Our interactive gathering on 1/7 is a hybrid between a regular service and a small group gathering.

Here’s what will happen during this special gathering:

  • We’ll do one worship song (via video)
  • Take testimonials of anything someone wants to share about what God’s doing in your life
  • We’ll break into groups and pray for each other.
  • We’ll have a small group time with fun “Ice Breaker” questions and “Transition Questions”
    (questions that get us thinking about and focused on the topic for the day).
  • Interactive Talk: I’ll give a talk that will contain times where I will ask  questions to get feedback, input, etc. from people who are there.

I am an introvert in many ways and don’t like to speak in public settings. That’s why we make sure that these interactive gatherings are “introvert-friendly.

That means that you can come and you won’t have to worry about talking unless you want to. You can just sit and listen during any or all of the interactive times!

(Many people who are a part of our church and who are introverted have told use they actually enjoy these gatherings!)

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